Wednesday Jul 2, 2008

A Good Day for Vacay

Get details for planning your long-weekend getaway here.

July 4th marks the first of many long weekends you’ll take this summer, some authorized, others not, but taken anyway due to your certainty that nobody will realize you’re gone. To help your cause, Thrillist has rounded up these four accessible getaways where you can forget about work and sip yourself down some BACARDI® Mojitos.

Pacific Palms: 15 miles past Downtown, this resort hosts Golf Digest‘s only 4-star course in LA County. After a day of slicing, hit the upscale lounge/resto RED: abetted with a waterfall and a cobalt blue, bottom-lit bar, it’s helmed by a former L’Ermitage sous chef, serving everything from a 22-oz porterhouse to blackened lobster tacos and “lambsicles” — because why should ice have all the fun of getting impaled on a stick?


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