Sportexe Golf Turf


Sportexe Golf Turf Bringing Quality To The Surface For Driving Range Owners

Posted by Sportexe in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX on Mar 18, 2009

If you’re the owner of a natural grass driving range, you could continue putting your money into a lawn mower, an edger, an irrigation specialist, a fertilizer and pre-emergent guy, a sand trap and water hazard maintenance service, a winter grass specialist, a ball unplugger and millions of gallons of water. Or, you could just put it in your pocket. Sportexe golf turf is quite simply the best-looking, best-feeling, most profitable synthetic driving range turf solution in the world. Designed for both avid golfers looking to improve their game and driving range owners looking to improve their bottom line, RangeTurf, Sportexe’s premier golf turf, has quickly become the favored surface for both. Our synthetic turf system was created to meet the discerning needs of avid golfers and for that reason, it has become the preferred synthetic golf turf for driving ranges around the world. It holds like real grass when you drop an eight iron on the pin from 137 yards out. But most of all, it looks like real grass which creates a stunning vista for those coming to practice. Golfers are creatures of habit and when they find something they like, it becomes part of their routine. When that something is a driving range, the results are increased business and profit for the owner. With Sportexe driving range turf, quality construction is just the beginning. Aesthetically, you will not find a better-looking range, or frankly, one that can be more easily customized to meet your vision, than Sportexe RangeTurf. Unlike most ranges, we make our golf turf in three discernable shades of green that can be used to create fairways, roughs and target greens. In addition, we offer white and blue golf turf that can be used to create sand traps and water hazards. Sportexe can even inlay your logo onto the landing area if that’s what you would like. RangeTurf enhances the practice experience by giving golfers “real course” targets to aim for, rather than simply lining them up along a wide open field. Golfers tell us they vastly prefer the look and feel of the Sportexe experience. And when owners see what RangeTurf can do for their bottom line, they echo those sentiments. That all said, ultimately, Sportexe RangeTurf is all about increasing profitability for driving range owners. If you fall into that category, how many times have you questioned the insanity of your water bill? Your maintenance contract? The cost to keep up your range or replace the 5,000 plugged golf balls that are lost somewhere out in the grass? How many times have you lamented not being able to stay open year around? Or simply asked, “how much more money do I have to invest?” If you’ve ever asked yourself even one of these questions, it’s time to consider Sportexe golf turf for your driving range. From a financial perspective, RangeTurf immediately alleviates your ongoing cost of maintenance, out of control water bills, the cost of replacing plugged balls and the need to close your range due to seasonal conditions. Because your driving range turf is synthetic, it can be used year round which immediately increases revenue and builds loyalty by not “requiring” your golfers to take the winter off. The truth is, with Sportexe golf turf, if you can dream it, we can build it. Sportexe created a comprehensive synthetic range system to enhance the location and surroundings of wherever it’s installed. Whether it was Top Golf in Watford, England, The Pacific Palms Resort in Industry Hills, California, Top Golf in Dallas, Texas, McInnis Golf Park in San Rafael, California, Top Golf in Wood Dale, Illinois, Citrus College Driving Range in Glendora, California, Sterling Farms Golf Course in Stamford, Connecticut, or dozens of other ranges around the world, that’s exactly what we’ve done. Today, Sportexe RangeTurf is the preferred golf turf for practice facilities, driving ranges and golf academies around the globe.


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