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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Beautiful Resort So Close To Home!

I know I am a little late with this post but with the crazy fun world of wedding and party planning I have been swamped! I just couldn’t resist the need to get the word out about such a beautiful resort so close to home.

As many of you may know I am very active in the Association for Wedding Professionals international and we are very fortunate enough to have some of the most beautiful venues in Southern California host our mixers. In April we were honored to have our mixer hosted by The Pacific Palms Resort in Industry Hills. (I told you I was a little behind!) When I first heard about this location I immediately got online to check out their website, because after all I have never heard of a “resort” being located in Industry Hills! When I saw the site I was amazed by the beauty of the venue…but again I kept thinking maybe this is another Industry Hills we are going to! Of course my expectations of the resort were not the greatest because I was a tad bit leery about the location…but that all changed when I saw this beautiful venue sitting on top of a hill! That’s when I knew this place was going to be as beautiful as the photos on the website! We were greeted by drivers escorting us to the gazebo area in golf carts and the view was breathtaking. For a minute I totally forgot where I was and kept thinking I was vacationing in Palm Springs! Once we reached the gazebo area and I saw the gorgeous view of the city…my mind was not on the mixer, vendors or work…I truly thought I was there to relax! The resort had a way of making you feel like you were somewhere totally far away from “the real world and all of your worries”! It was truly amazing! The view in the daytime was gorgeous, but at night it was PRICELESS!

The Pacific Palms Resort is a full service destination hotel and is perfect for a wedding, destination wedding, overnight trip or weekend getaway because they have everything you could possibly need and want. As I mentioned earlier there are golf carts…so yes there is a fantastic golf course. For us ladies of course there is a relaxing SPA…in other words heaven in Industry Hills! What more could we possibly want! 🙂

I have included some photos from that amazing night taken by two of my photographer friends Eric Velado and Lucy Manalo

Make sure you check out the Pacific Palms Resort remember it’s closer than Palm Springs so that means you might be able to have more frequent weekend getaways! Say hi if you see me there! 😉

Thank you Pacific Palms Resort! I will see you soon!!! 🙂

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