Second Annual Industry Hills City Championship

And the winners are…

Championship flight: Bobby Arranaga

CityChamp09 057 (2)

Woods (A) flight:  Tom BraunCityChamp09 040 (2)

Mickelson (B) flight:  Charlie Eastman

CityChamp09 032 (2)

O’Meara (C) flight: Vic Zehnder

CityChamp09 026

Kim (D) flight: Norbert Ruiz

CityChamp09 021 (2)

Mahan (E) flight: Bob Costa

CityChamp09 013 (2)

Goydos (F) flight: Richard Myers

CityChamp09 007 (2)

Pacific Palms had a great time hosting! Join us next year!

CityChamp09 049 (2)

CityChamp09 042 (2)

CityChamp09 048

(left to right) Pacific Palms’ Director of Golf, Dave Youpa, Tournament Chairman, Mike King, City of Industry’s Mayor David Perez,  Pacific Palms’ Managing Director, Bob Nelson

CityChamp09 062 (3)

(left to right) Pacific Palms Owner, John Semcken III, Championship Flight Winner – Bobby Arranga, Mayor David Perez, City of Industry Councilman, Jeff Parriott



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