Allen Fu Photography

Ting and Loc @ Pacific Palms Resort


I was lucky enough to second shoot with Mieng Saetia ( who is a talented photographer and incredibly easy to shoot with! Thanks Mieng!

It was a very concise wedding for Ting and Loc which took about 4 hours from beginning till the end. The short time line really created some difficulties for us, we had to know when and where things are happening and make sure that we can cover multiple locations at once with two photographers! It was as Mieng had described “Crazy” but it was really fun though I thought!

Here is a link to the slide show for the wedding, enjoy!

Main Photographer: Mieng Saetie
Makeup Artist: Theresa Huang


Ting&Loc-1 copy

Ting&Loc-2 copy

Ting&Loc-3 copy

Ting&Loc-14 copy

Ting&Loc-15 copy

Ting&Loc-16 copy

Ting&Loc-21 copy

Ting&Loc-37 copy

Ting&Loc-47 copy

Ting&Loc-49 copy

Ting&Loc-54 copy

Ting&Loc-68 copy

Ting&Loc-71 copy

Ting&Loc-73 copy

Ting&Loc-77 copy

Ting&Loc-78 copy

Ting&Loc-80 copy

Ting&Loc-81 copy

Ting&Loc-86 copy

Ting&Loc-88 copy

Ting&Loc-92 copy

Ting&Loc-100 copy

Ting&Loc-102 copy

Ting&Loc-107 copy

Ting&Loc-111 copy

Ting&Loc-115 copy

Ting&Loc-120 copy

Ting&Loc-199 copy

Photography by Allen Fu Photography


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