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Pacific Palms Resort Wedding | Aleessa and Jason

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Aleessa and Jason are a such a wonderful couple. They keep telling me that they’re not the PDA (public displays of affection) type, but when I’m with them they’re always kissing.  Foregoing the traditional clinking of the glasses to make them kiss the guests took a unique approach.  Taking a note from a popular TFC show the crowd would yell, “Hip hip! Hip hip!” until the newlyweds would kiss and then yell even louder, “Hooray!”  If you’ve seen the show you can imagine how much fun that was.  The guests loved it so much Aleessa and Jason were kissing all night.  So much for a non-PDA couple.

A storm had just past the day prior to their wedding.  The Southern California skies came through once again and gave us a stunning backdrop for their bridal portraits.  Their reception was at the Pacific Palms Resort which sits on a hilltop in the City of Industry.  The clouds, skies, and the beautiful view from the hotel all lent a hand in the amazing images we got for Aleessa and Jason.  I’m very happy to have met these two and I know they’ll have a blissful marriage full of, “hip hip, hip hip…. hoorays”.

For more visit Aleessa and Jason’s engagement session and their custom wedding website.

JZ-aleessa_jason_wed_110610_172817-7282 copy

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